Flashbang Holsters

The Flashbang

  • Flashbang Holster

    Flashbang Holster

    The Flashbang is the original holster in the Pin-up Collection. It sits horizontally tucked underneath the bra band and the gun is drawn by pulling straight down on the grip. Th... $49.99 Select Options

The Betty

  • The Betty

    The Betty

    Betty is our All-American girl. She’s just great at everything! Designed to be a tuck-able inside the waistband holster, Betty has so many other applications... $49.99 Select Options

The Marilyn

  • The Marilyn

    The Marilyn

    The Marilyn is the perfect solution for when it seems IMPOSSIBLE to carry a gun. This holster attaches to the side of the bra, and both the carry position and the drawstroke are... $49.99 Select Options

The Ava

  • Ava Holster

    Ava Holster

    Meet Ava - this leather and thermoplastic hybrid is made to be worn inside the waistband. It features a soft leather back piece that conforms to the wearer's shape. The clips ar... $59.99 Select Options

The Sophia

  • The Sophia

    The Sophia

    The Sophia is a beautifully sleek belt slide holster.  Unlike most belt slide holsters that have a forward cant, The Sophia holds the gun in a straight up and down position... $49.99 Select Options
  • Accessory Strap Sets

    Accessory Strap Sets

    Add your own sense of style and personalize your Flashbang or Marilyn holster with one of our fun accessory packs. Colors include Drop Dead Red, Limed & Loade... $9.99 Select Options
  • Flashbang T-Shirt

    Flashbang T-Shirt

    Get comfy in this super soft 100% cotton t-shirt by Next Level Apparel. With a casual (but not baggy) fit, the Flashbang T-shirt is perfect for all your daily activities. Look f... $19.99 Currently Unavailable